Rohan Hinchey - Director of Deebel Group Pty LtdRohan Hinchey - Director of Deebel Group Pty Ltd

A seasoned recruitment professional, Rohan had earnestly applied himself to building successful business portfolios for his employers over a number of years.

“The formula for being successful in recruitment isn’t complicated……..but it can be damned hard work! I found that my employers would set me goals and heap praise on me when I got them their returns, but then they would set ever increasing targets. Moving goals, shifting sands! I really enjoy working hard, but I felt it was time to build something successful and rewarding for my family, not someone else’s!”.

The move to becoming a business owner, whilst requiring lots of effort and hard work, is paying dividends for Rohan and his family:

“Having got the business off of the ground, I have been able to engage my family in the business such that they contribute to our success. Whilst my name is effectively above the door, I’m proud to say that the business is a reflection of our family, our work ethic and our values. The Independent Recruitment Services Organisation has fully supported me and my family to make this dream a reality.”

Rohan continues:

“We are striving to build a strong, robust and impressive business. Something that we can all be proud of”.

Looking for work or for workers? Contact Rohan and his team at their Western Sydney office:

Phone: 02 9621 1838