Our members are introduced to our extensive network of suppliers, all of whom understand the recruitment sector and are engaged in our values and beliefs.

With supplier relationships already established, you can concentrate on building relationships with employees and clients in what can be the most demanding time in your Company’s growth.

“Being introduced to suppliers who understood our business and were committed to our standards saved us at least two to three months’ of work and heartache – at a time when we needed to be focused on connecting with clients and employees.” – Rohan Hinchey

Our emerging supplier network support includes the following business areas

The Independent Recruitment Services Organisation grows with you, and as a result, we continue to develop our network of suppliers, all of whom are committed to our business principles and values. We seek to negotiate favourable supply terms and facilities as well as leveraging the emerging Independent Recruitment Services Organisation network buying power.

An on-going commitment of the Independent Recruitment Services Organisation is to invest in new and emerging technologies and systems of work in support of its aim to offer facilities to members which drive efficiency and competitive advantage.

“Without the advice and support we received regarding different insurance policies, payroll systems, recruitment databases, safety suppliers, legal support, you name it, we would have been struggling to get the business off of the ground.” – Dean Smith

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