At the Independent Recruitment Services Organisation, we believe that the best standards of recruitment for applicants, employees and clients are provided by suppliers where the owner of the business is intimately involved in its operations and ultimately accountable for service delivery.

Our experience over the past 30 years has been that the culture within an owner-operated recruitment business endears loyalty, commitment and shared objectives of staff – all critical to great recruitment, employment and service outcomes. In keeping with our vision, the underlying principles of the Independent Recruitment Services Organisation business and our members are that:

  1. Competitive advantage is primarily driven by people, not process or promise; and
  2. Trust, loyalty and commercial success result from impressive people skills, effort and standards; and
  3. We value our time, expertise, service standards and effort. Low margin supply undermines our business and services; and
  4. We are committed to strive to deliver industry best practice standards in the interest of creating business and brand prosperity.

These principles are the catalyst for enabling our entrepreneurial members the opportunity to build successful independent and niche service supply businesses which sit within a network of like-minded organisations.

If you, like us, believe that the values we hold are the hallmark of a great recruitment company, and you have the people skills and dedication to establish a rewarding and profitable recruitment company, call us today to find out more on 02 8060 0778.